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Functional And Fashionable East African Leather Products

From a factory based on the outskirts of Karen, in Kenya, high-quality leather, suede and canvas materials are expertly crafted into a range of stylish personal and travel East African leather products. The factory is the home of Rift Valley Leather, a local company that through its products, actively works to promote local handcrafting skills; and takes care to utilise materials, like camel and calf hides, that have been sourced exclusively in the East African region.

[Image credits: Rift Valley Leather]
The Rift Valley Leather range includes functional and fashionable handbags, totes, purses, briefcases and travel luggage branded with the company’s logo as a mark of authenticity and craftsmanship. The company also incorporates recycled materials including; cement bags, inner tubes and tins cans into its designs. Currently seeking ethical trading status, the East African leather products company is invested in its local community, offering amongst other initiatives, a continuous training programme to ensure the development of skills amongst its staff; and supports the Red Rhino Orphanage Project.
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