Sayra Invites You To Savour The Art And History Of Moroccan Tea Drinking Rituals

Sayra Moroccan Tea Infusion Antée Atelier Fifty Five Feature


I have mentioned my love of tea several times on the blog. For me, it is about more than justing drinking it, but rather a chance to take a break unwind, relax and reflect. So naturally, am drawn to brands that create an exceptional tea drinking experience. And recently discovered Sayra, a high-end tea house that celebrates the art and history of Moroccan tea drinking rituals.

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YSWARA Unveils Tranquil Tearoom To Savour Precious African Teas

Luxury tea brand YSWARA New Tearoom


There is nothing I love more than a good cup of tea, the stronger the better. Anytime is teatime as far as I am concerned, so you can only imagine what I think about those who take their tea as seriously as I do. Like YSWARA for instance, the luxury tea brand championing made in Africa, who are reviving the ceremony of ancient African tea drinking rituals with its offering of specially blended teas and accompanying accessories. And now you can immerse yourself fully in the YSWARA brand experience with the launch of their flagship tearoom and store in Johannesburg.

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Modern Mauritian Food Shelina Permalloo Master Chef UK Winner

A chef who brings ‘…bring[s] sunshine to a plate’ is how Gregg Wallace and John Torode, the judges of Masterchef UK described 2012 winner Shelina Permalloo’s cooking of modern Mauritian food. British-born of Mauritian descent Shelina was inspired to cook by her mum and aunty, developing a love of food at a young age as she helped her Mum with the cooking. Having grown-up in the UK Shelina also credits food with helping her to better understand her Mauritian heritage and culture, saying it makes her feel closer to Mauritius, her heritage and her family. Throughout the competition Shelina brought her Mauritian heritage into her dishes, the winning menu of modern Mauritian food which comprised octopus for starter, mutton curry for the main and mango cannelloni filled with lime curd for dessert, had the judges proclaiming that ‘they were the best they had ever tasted on the show’, hight praise indeed! Winning the title of Masterchef 2012 also meant that Shelina has become only the second women in the show’s eight years to win the title.
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Caranda Soothing Speciality Teas Inspired By Africa

A longing for the familiar tastes of home led Liberian entrepreneur, Doughba Caranda-Martin to set up Caranda Fine Foods, a business that specialises in creating a range of premium beverages and condiments inspired by the diverse regions of the African continent. Residing in the USA, Doughba recalls childhood memories of evening walks collecting the leaves and herbs that were then boiled with Lemongrass. Doughba started out blending teas inspired by Africa and the product range has since expanded to include coffees, cocoas and condiments like flavoured salts and meat rubs.

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Modern African Food Kitchens Of Africa Cooking Sauces

There is nothing wrong with slow cooking, in fact it can be an enjoyable experience as you mix, stir, season and simmer in anticipation of savouring your culinary efforts. Unfortunately in the face of hectic schedules, reality bites and slow cooking is just not possible night after night with so many other things competing for your time prompting the turn to convenience food. Convenience food has its pros, meals in minutes and it’s cons, a reputation of nasty additives, flavour enhancers and preservatives. However, the availability of pre-prepared foods like sauces can be an introduction to the tastes of other cultures without the unfamiliar preparation and cooking methods that people can be afraid of. A wander through the shelves of any supermarket or deli will bring forth bottles or packets of Thai Green Curry or Chicken Tikka Masala to be whipped up in minutes. Nothing beats the original process of fresh homemade cooking but when the craving strikes and time is not on your side a pre-prepared sauce to which you just simply add a few other ingredients can be just what you need to bring forth the flavours and tastes of home; and the concept which was the inspiration behind Kitchens of Africa, a modern African food brand I stumbled across via the blog, Afroklectic. Homesick for food from home, but faced with the long cooking process that often comes with African cooking, Kitchens of Africa was founded by Jainaba Jeng, who was born and raised in The Gambia but is now based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Jainaba also wanted to use the opportunity to introduce some of the diverse and unique tastes of Africa to the world.
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Ndali Intense Fairtrade Vanilla Extract From Uganda

I love the taste and smell of vanilla; and find creamy vanilla ice-cream, the kind where you can just see the bean flecks, and light fluffy sponges made with real vanilla extract irresistible and comforting. Good quality vanilla bean pod sticks, extract and paste is valued by bakers and chefs looking to add that familiar rich flavour and intense aroma to their culinary creations. One brand favoured by some of the UK’s leading chefs is Ndali fairtrade vanilla, which comes from a 1000-acre farm located in the midst of the explosion craters of the Ndali Volcanic Field in Western Uganda; and is a farm that specialises in producing high quality vanilla extract, powder and pods. Extracted and cured on the farm, most of the vanilla produced is exported in bulk, with the cream of the crop packaged into small batches and sold under the name Ndali.
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Akhaya Cookery School Modern African Cooking And Food

New to African cooking or simply want to try your hand at creating dishes from another part of the continent, then look to Akhaya Cookery School to help you on your way. I was watching a recent episode of CNN’s Inside Africa when I saw a profile on young Nigerian entrepreneur Jennifer Okpapi and the African cooking classes she runs in Tottenham, North London based on her love for African food.
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Madécasse Luxury Single Source African Made Chocolate

Madécasse Chocolate

Pink pepper and citrus, exotic pepper, and sea salt and nibs are just some of the rather interesting flavour combinations you will find in a Madécasse African made chocolate bar. Recently named ‘one of the world’s 50 most innovative companies’ by Fast Company magazine, Madécasse is on a mission to revolutionise the African chocolate industry by becoming one of the few fine chocolate companies to produce a bar that is not only grown in Africa, but is also produced in Africa. The stats on the website highlight the fact that although Africa produces 70% of the world’s cocoa, actual African made chocolate production amounts to less than 1%. Made in Madagascar, Madécasse is luxury gourmet chocolate from a single source and available in a range of chocolate and cooking chocolate bars. I think the packaging is beautiful, a clean and elegant blend of subtlety contrasted with a colourful strip that not only identifies the type/flavour, but also serves to help them stand out on the shelf.

[Image credit: Madécasse]

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