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Atelier Fifty Five is the premier design and lifestyle platform focused on promoting, researching, sourcing and selling the best in contemporary African lifestyle design to local and international audiences.

Atelier Fifty Five aims to raise awareness and understanding of the opportunities available for designers, makers, retailers, collectors and other invested parties.

Hi, I am Tapiwa, a British/Zimbabwean author, content producer, publisher, curator and consultant living in London; and as a creative it is inevitable I daydream… a lot… exploring ideas, colour combinations, developing designs and seeking inspiration.

I founded in late 2010 Atelier Fifty Five as an inspirational space recording the things I come across in relation to exploring the world of contemporary design and style from and inspired by Africa. Atelier Fifty Five celebrates quality, craftsmanship, and ingenuity, seeking out the best in interiors, product design, fashion, lifestyle and travel from leading and emerging African designers and businesses, in addition to seeking out those around the globe who have taken inspiration from the continent.

Adding travel* was a way to get to know all the countries where these wonderful products, suppliers, and inspirations originate from. So join me as I let my mind wander through the ateliers of Africa and beyond to bring you all that is beautiful, luxurious, fabulous, creative; and above all rooted in Africa.

And I hope you too will be inspired by the offerings…


The Atelier: The place where the magic happens;

  • where ideas come to life;
  • where the beauty in craftsmanship is celebrated as mass-production gives way to the touch of human hands;
  • where pieces are infused with heart and soul that is woven deep within telling the stories behind their existence;
  • where skills are honed and refined;
  • where imperfections add character and uniqueness; and
  • where new is created out of old as ingenuity keeps tradition and heritage alive.

Fifty-Five: The number of recognised states, representing a creatively rich, thriving continent in all its diversity.

This is Atelier Fifty-Five…



Whilst I make every effort to credit images and acknowledge information sources through linking back to the original source, mistakes or oversights do happen. Please let me know if a correction is required or if you would like your image/posting to be removed. Likewise if you use images I have edited or placed into collages kindly link back to Atelier Fifty-Five as a matter of courtesy. Atelier Fifty-Five is not responsible for the content of external sites. Atelier Fifty-Five uses affiliate links including Amazon, ads and occasionally sponsored posts, meaning I may receive a small commission if you follow any commissioned links or ads from the site and/or purchase items. Atelier Fifty-Five showcases content about designers and retailers whose products and services I like and that I feel will be relevant and informative for my readers. If a product or service does not fit in with the ethos of Atelier Fifty-Five I will not feature it on the site.

*As with planning any holiday, if planning on visiting any of the destinations featured on Atelier Fifty-Five, I strongly recommend you always check before you travel.