SafariFusion Modern African Interior Decor Accessories

Loving Safari Fusion’s beautifully styled 2015-16 Lookbook of modern African interior decor accessories and African baskets collection entitled, Woven & Stitched. The colourful, unique and functional collection presents the best in contemporary basketry made in Africa. Woven & Stitched is inspired by African basket weavers, and has brought together a range of grass and fibre baskets that showcase the way classical techniques and ancient traditions have been rejuvenated through the use of modern colour palettes and forms.
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Gone Rural Hand Painted African Baskets At Maud Interiors

Gone Rural Handpainted Baskets - Maud Interiors

Just spotted on Maud Interiors, via Pinterest these one-of-a-kind handwoven African baskets from Gone Rural sporting colourful hand painted splashes of paint in a stylistic nod to abstract expressionism. I have previously featured the work of Swazi-based social enterprise, Gone Rural on the site, and the organisation continues to shake up the industry with their innovative approach to contemporary African basketry.
[Main image credit: Gone Rural Hand Painted Baskets – Maud Interiors]
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Basket Case II Showcasing Contemporary Zimbabwe Baskets

The New Basket Workshop - Bowls by Sebastian Herkner and Binga Craft Centre

In 2010 I featured Basket Case, a pioneering exhibition of contemporary Zimbabwe baskets from some of the southern African country’s leading basket-weaving organisations. The exhibition was the initiative of The New Basket Workshop, a South African based organisation that works with rural basketry groups in a number of African countries including Zimbabwe, Ghana, Ethiopia and South Africa to assist with areas such as product development and accessing international markets. Building on Basket Case, 2014 saw the presentation of Basket Case II, a showcase of cutting-edge basketry produced by a select group of local and international artists and designers commissioned to work in collaboration with five weaving communities; the Binga Craft Centre, Bulawayo Home Industries, Lupane Women’s Centre, Zenzele Foundation and STEP Trust in the Honde Valley.
[Main image credit: Basket Case II Exhibition, 
Bowls by Sebastian Herkner and Binga Craft Centre – Eric Gauss/Eye on Art]
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SCP Blocks and Peaks Basket Collection Made In Africa

These gorgeously colourful and practical basket made in Africa are the result of a cross-cultural collaboration between the Malawian-based creative social enterprise, People of the Sun and British designer Donna Wilson. The collection entitled ‘Blocks and Peaks’ was created exclusively for SCP, a leading UK manufacturer and retailer of modern innovate furniture.
[Main image credit:Blocks and Peaks Basket Collection –
Donna Wilson and People of the Sun for SCP]
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Lupane Women’s Centre Zimbabwe Modern African Baskets

Looking like they have been swirled with delicate watercolours, this gorgeous range of traditionally handcrafted modern African baskets is the result of a partnership between the Lupane Women’s Centre in Zimbabwe and the Kingston University Design School in the UK, bringing a contemporary edge to traditional African design. The initiative entitled, Kingston Project Africa was created to facilitate the exchange and support of knowledge between both regions, and led by Professor Catherine McDermott utilises the expertise of academics, industry practitioners and curators across various projects and collaborations.
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Mbare Points Du Jour African Basket Reader Offer


A few months ago I featured a beautifully woven palm dish handcrafted by the Tavie Co-operative in Niger, click here to read. Currently retailing on Mbare, the full African basket dish range incorporates unique details such as silver Touareg discs placed in the centre; as seen in the Coucher De Soleil and Rayon De Soleil styles; whilst other designs feature indigo thread in intense hues, creating a striking contrast against the natural colour of the leaves. One of the dishes that incorporates the indigo thread is the stylish Points Du Jour, whose design sees the thread scattered around at seemingly random points. The placement of the thread however, serves to reveal how long the artist took to complete the dish, as at the end of each weaving day the artist would weave a bit of thread as a marker indicating where they left off. The dish is finished of with the insertion of the Tavie Co-operative’s signature silver metal tube of authentication.
[Image credits: Tavie Co-operative, Points Du Jour Basket – Mbare]
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Contemporary African Design Tavie Co-operative Tuareg Baskets

The beauty of this woven dish radiates from its core, which features a beautifully engraved silver disc at the centre, which is said to symbolise the sun and is characteristic of Tuareg pattens. Framed with an indigo halo, the addition of the disc adds a contemporary African design edge, elevating the humble woven basket to a stunning decorative object, that would work well hung on the wall or placed on a plate stand.
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African Baskets Woven Bolgatanga Baskets From Ghana

Last week the EU announced the potential banning of plastic bags as it outlined proposals to reduce the number of plastic bags used in Europe each year, after a public consultation revealed that more than four billion were thrown away each year. After massive campaign a few years ago lately I have noticed fewer people using the jute and other alternative shopping bags whilst doing their shopping, myself included and so was not surprised to find out that after four years of decline the use of carrier bags in the UK actually rose by 5% in 2010.

Modern African Decor Senegalese Prayer Hampers

Ditch bog standard plastic laundry baskets in favour of some elegantly coiled modern African decor hampers hand-woven by the Wolof women of Senegal and available on The Travelers Collection, a US-based offering a diverse collection of globally inspired personal and home ware accessories and gifts. Simply stylish, the hampers are made from recycled prayer mats that have been woven using njodax grass and plastic strips and come in subtle soothing colour palettes that bring a touch of modern African decor into the interior. Available in different sizes, the hampers have ample room, not only concealing mountains of laundry but lend themselves to tidying away items like toys, doubling up as decorative objects in process, meaning if storage space is an issue simply dot them round the home; just make sure inquisitive guests don’t go round lifting the lids!
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Gone Rural Swaziland Redefining African Basket Design

Gone Rural glass woven bowl - Amaridian Gallery

Picking up from where I left off on my exploration into the different types of basket making found across the continent; I find myself quite taken by these glass bowls edged with a woven basket band. Created by Swaziland-based, Gone Rural who are redefining African basket design I came across them on the US-based Amaridian Gallery, and they give a fresh updated look to the traditional woven basket. The way the basket weaving techniques have been combined with recycled glass has produced some beautiful, unique looking bowls.
Gone Rural bowls - Amaridian Gallery

[image credit: Gone Rural – Amaridian Gallery]
A socially responsible business set up by the late Jenny Thorne in 1992, Gone Rural started life as a small local business in Swaziland working with 30 women. Gone Rural has now evolved into an international company providing an income for over 731 women and supplying in excess of one thousand retail outlets in over 32 countries. Gone Rural works to promote understanding and respect of Swazi cultural heritage; hand woven products utilise traditional skills that are combined with high quality design and recycled materials are often used. When new products are created or new techniques implemented, training workshops are held to assist with skill sharing and this helps maintain the high standard of the products being produced.

…a stylish update of a classic that is simple yet ingenious .

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