YSWARA Brings Their Elegant Tearoom Experience To Ghana


The launch of luxury tea brand YSWARA’s Johannesburg tearoom has been joined by the opening of one in Accra, Ghana. The YSWARA tearoom and boutique is part of a collaborative space shared with local retailer Luxury Living and Akrafo, YSWARA’S sister brand of gourmet condiment’s, bringing gourmet and interior decor experience to the city’s stylish residents.


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YSWARA Unveils A Tranquil Tearoom To Savour Precious African Teas


There is nothing I love more than a good cup of tea, the stronger the better. Anytime is teatime as far as I am concerned, so you can only imagine what I think about those who take their tea as seriously as I do. Like YSWARA for instance, the luxury tea brand championing made in Africa, who are reviving the ceremony of ancient African tea drinking rituals with its offering of specially blended teas and accompanying accessories. And now you can immerse yourself fully in the YSWARA brand experience with the launch of their flagship tearoom and store in Johannesburg.

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Luxury African Brands Marianne Fassler And YSWARA Collaborate For Orange Babies


Legendary South African fashion designer Marianne Fassler has teamed up with luxury made in Africa tea and lifestyle brand YSWARA to create a limited edition scented candle for Orange Babies, a Dutch HIV NGO with a local South African branch that works to reduce mother to child transmission of HIV as well as helping children affected by HIV/AIDS to live a better life.

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Moyi Magazine Shining The Light On Modern Afro Lifestyle


If you are a lover of beautiful design, inspirational editorials, peeps into other peoples homes for a dose of African inspired interior design inspiration and boundless African creativity then make room in your life for Moyi, a brand new quarterly modern Afro lifestyle magazine that curates the best in design, decor, architecture, arts, travel, beauty, fashion and food showcasing and celebrating the work of talented individuals of African heritage. Moyi means sun in Lingala, a language spoken in Central Africa. And through its colourful, elegantly designed pages Moyi shines the light on the exceptional creativity and lifestyle defining a modern Africa. Taking readers on a journey across the continent and into the diaspora in the pages of Moyi meet a wide range of industry game-changers, innovative designers and highly skilled artisans and be inspired by whole sections dedicated to the stylish and sophisticated products being created, made in or inspired by Africa.



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The Ndau Collection Luxury Scents Inspired by Africa Past And Present

Zimbabwean jewellery label The Ndau Collection launched their first collection of luxury scents inspired by Africa past and present. The collection was created in collaboration with South African parfumer, Tammy Frazer of Frazer Parfum. Blended from rare botanicals and aromatics each scent takes the wearer on a journey inspired by Africa’s past and present, from the origins of perfume on the continent to the treks of the continent’s first inhabitants through to the present day traveller.
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Adorable Taunina Handmade Teddy Bears South Africa

[Image source/credit – Taunina Skyler Bunny Rabbit – Positive Luxury/Taunina]
Displayed on one of the prettiest websites I have seen in a while, is an adorable, colourful range of soft toys that have been exquisitely handcrafted by a group of talented artists in Woodstock, Cape Town. Taunina is a company that produces an enchanting collection of one-of-a-kind collectable teddy bears, bunny rabbits and puppy dogs; each a precious gift designed to be passed down the generations as future heirlooms. Taunina handmade teddy bears are individually crafted, comprising of more than twenty panels, each soft toy takes around four to seven days to complete, in a process that involves hand cutting and stitching together the fabrics, before the intricate appliqué and embroidery is applied to create dainty images such as butterflies, birds and flowers.
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David Attenborough Documentary Series Africa On BBC ONE 

I have been watching Africa on BBC One, the new documentary series  by veteran British presenter, Sir David Attenborough. Filmed over four years, so far five episodes have taken viewers through the Kalahari, Savannah, Congo, Cape and Sahara, with the sixth and final episode next week looking at the Future of Africa, in terms of what is being done to help preserve the Continent’s precious biodiversity, including how local communities are helping in the war on poaching.

YSWARA Precious African Teas Championing Luxury Made In Africa

Working for many years in the design industry, I have always been fascinated with the way brands develop, the stories behind them, and so have delighted in watching the innovative luxury tea brand, Yswara blossom into something truly special. When I was first introduced to Yswara about a year and a half ago, the made in Africa tea brand was still in its infancy, developing its visual face so to speak, and whilst their current website was being created, their blog had some insightful information on the evolution of their logo and icon, which if I remember correctly is based on the Chi Wara, itself a well-known African icon, in the form of a headdress representing the antelope, that were carved and worn by the Bamana people of Mali. Yswara’s resulting logo pays homage to African tradition, heritage and culture, and to me also looks like the sun radiating warmth. As a tea lover, the Yswara brand holds much appeal for me and can appreciate the thought, care and attention to detail that has gone into creating an exceptional tea drinking experience.
[Image credit: Yswara Tea]
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