Azza Fahmy Egyptian Jewellery Brand Inspired By Culture And Tradition

7000 years of Egyptian culture and tradition embodies the luxury jewellery collections of Egyptian jewellery brand, Azza Fahmy, whose elegant, statement designs you cannot help but visualise adorning the necks and wrists of Cleopatra and Nefertiti, Egypt’s legendary queens. Like the ancient culture that influences it the Azza Fahmy jewellery brand is elegant and regal, featuring handcrafted intricate detailing in gold and silver precious metals, and vibrant, shimmering gemstones, that help lend a contemporary edge.
[Image credit: Six Strand Floral and Fruits Collection – Azza Fahmy]
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Thuthuka Modern South African Jewellery Development Programme

In September I visited International Jewellery London to see what was happening in the world of jewellery. It was dazzling to say the least with a range of businesses from precious gem dealers to independent emerging designers. Several countries had trade exhibition stands showcasing the designs and opportunities with their various sectors, and stopping by the South African pavilion, I got chatting with several of the individual designers and business representatives. Amongst them was Thuthuka, a South African jewellery development programme that was founded in 2009, and is an initiative of South African based organisation Jewellery Africa.

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Maya Antoun Traditional African jewellery Making Techniques

Fluid, sculptural forms interlaced with segments of fine filigree work defines the stunning jewellery creations by Sudanese designer Maya Antoun. Based in the UK, Maya seeks to combine traditional African jewellery making techniques with contemporary ones to create a new vision for African jewellery, and indeed the wider context of her work, which is influenced by the diversity of cultures, reflected in her own culturally diverse upbringing and exploring the ways in which individuals from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds might interpret their traditional jewellery, and in the process creating something new, fresh and exciting.

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Savannah Chic Contemporary Jewellery Made In Africa

We may be entering Autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere, but you can still hold onto the summer feeling with Savannah Chic’s range of contemporary jewellery made in Africa, including some vibrant bracelets from the company’s ‘Summer Love’ collection, which sees colourful Kikoy’s woven into necklaces and bracelets that conjure up the carefree spirit of Summer.
[Image credit: Kikoy Bracelets – Savannah Chic]
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Jacqueline Kibacha Avant-garde African Inspired Jewellery

A string of approximately 365 crystal beads and a silver clasp in the shape of a heart inspired the name for Tanzanian jewellery designer Jacqueline Kibacha’s handcrafted African inspired jewellery and fashion accessories label. Based in London, her jewellery label Heart 365 Emporium incorporates traditional Maasai beading with the drama of bold designs, colours, and layered textures.
[Image credit: Uhuru’s Wings Neckpiece – Heart 365 Emporium]
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Jewels Of The Kalahari Ostrich Eggshell Jewellery Made In Africa

Handmade by the San of the Kalahari, Jewels of the Kalahari is a collection of ostrich eggshell jewellery made using the delicate natural shards of the eggs, which are combined with other materials like recycled glass. Upholding craftsmanship and ancient skills, Jewels of the Kalahari was produced by One Fine Thread; a business that was founded by designer Anna Haber as a platform to highlight the rich culture and unique designs found in global arts and craft traditions.
[Image credits: One Fine Thread, Jewels of the Kalahari Collection – 
left, Boo George; right, L-Atitude]
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Jewellery Made In Africa Trollbeads Malawi Workshop

Giving their customers the freedom to customise their jewellery as they please, Danish brand Trollbeads is known for its interchangeable beads and charms that come in an array of gemstones, 18ct gold, sterling silver, fresh water pearls and glass in an ever-evolving collection. Trollbeads currently has 600 unique styles, and each bead created has its own look and a story behind it inspired by anything from fairy tales to familiar everyday things. Trollbeads recently began creating glass beads for jewellery made in Africa.
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Carolyn Roumeguere Global Culture And Maasai Inspired Jewellery

Jewellery designer Carolyn Roumeguere is a nomad at heart, a sentiment that is reflected in her eclectic global and Maasai inspired jewellery creations such as the Swahili Choker, a stunning piece that is handmade using the precious gems diamond, sapphire or emerald, and coral. Taking a month to complete the Swahili Choker incorporates traditional Maasai beading, and features an enamel pendant and the beads sourced from Jaipur, India.
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Mickaël Kra Lavish Parisienne Meets African Jewellery Design

Whilst on my MA course, in-between perusing the university library shelves for reading material I would often find myself wandering down isles that did not directly relate to my subject area but proved too irresistible to bypass and during one of my wanders stumbled across the book, ‘Mickaël Kra: Jewellery Between Paris Glamour and African Tradition‘; and was introduced to a the Parisienne meets African jewellery design aesthetic of jewellery designer who has been hailed as one of the most important jewellery designers in the world today.

Fonderie 47 Transforming Weapons Of War Into Luxury Jewellery

Transforming the tools of destruction into ones of prosperity by using traditional melding techniques, Fonderie 47 reworks the steel components, reshaping it’s value and perceptions into an object of beauty, in the form of rare and very expensive jewellery pieces that are combined with other precious metals like gold. Constructed with mechanical and precision engineering hallmarks of jewellery makers, Philip Crangi and Roland Iten, the designs are quite hard-edged, sculptural and masculine in form.
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