Africa Day And Modern African Design – Contemporary Design Africa Launch

Centro de Artes Africana, Wooden Vessels - courtesy Deborah Mason for Aid to Artisans
To day is Africa Day, cited as a day to celebrate the continent’s achievements and to reflect on the challenges faced. So, rather fittingly today is also the day Contemporary Design Africa, a book about modern African design is officially published in the UK, celebrating the achievements of contemporary designers emerging from the continent; and here are some of the exceptional designs featured within its pages.
[Main image credit: Centro de Artes Africana, Wooden Vessels – courtesy Deborah Mason for Aid to Artisans]
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Sneak Peek Of Modern African Design In Contemporary Design Africa

Woo hoo, just received advance printed copies of my forthcoming book Contemporary Design Africa!

Nervous anticipation kicked in so it took me a while to get round to opening the package, but when I eventually plucked up the courage I can’t describe how it felt to finally hold in my hands and see months of hard work come together and revealed in the finished product. African design is truly amazing!

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Contemporary Design Africa Book Modern African Home Decor And Design

Back in September 2014 I hinted at some news I was looking forward to sharing a few months into the future; well that time has now come and I am so thrilled to finally be able to introduce my forthcoming first book on modern African home decor and design entitled- Contemporary Design Africa. Contemporary Design Africa will be published by Thames & Hudson in May 2015 in the UK, and in early June in the US.
[Image credit: Contemporary Design Africa, Cover – Thames & Hudson]

AphroChic Home Decor Book Remix: Decorating with Culture, Objects and Soul

AphroChic - Remix Decorating with Culture, Objects and Soul

Earlier this month, the beautifully illustrated AphroChic home decor book, Remix: Decorating with the Culture, Objects and Soul was launched by bloggers Jeanine Hays and Bryan the bloggers behind the chic interiors blog, AphroChic. Remix is beautifully illustrated, filled with inspiration and tips on how to tastefully infuse culture into modern design aesthetics, and avoiding the cliches that end to come with creating culturally inspired spaces. Indeed, the couple have long been championing cultural diversity in design through their blog, and textiles company. Drawing inspiration from global cultures from France, to India to Africa and beyond, the couple believe that design should be a personal reflection of who you are, telling they story of your personal style and heritage, an ethos that comes across in the AphroChic home decor book. The photographs were taken by Patrick Cline, co-founder of Lonny magazine.
[Image credit: Remix: Decorating with Culture, Objects and Soul
by Jeanine Hays and Brian Mason –]
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The Gentlemen of Bacongo Sapeurs Of Congo Street Style

Everytime the ‘Gentlemen of Bacongo‘ photographic exhibition came to London, I always managed to miss it, so whilst I was in Dakar I finally got to see some images from book of the Sapeurs of Congo; on display as part of a wider exhibition on contemporary African photography entitled ‘Africa See You See Me’, that was being held at the Goethe Institute, during the Dak’art 2012 Biennale. Since its release in 2009, the book about the Sapeurs of Congo and accompanying exhibition has delighted and captivated audiences across the world, taking them on a fashionable journey through the streets of Bacongo, Brazzville courtesy of the unique and immaculately dressed Sapeurs of Congo, whose colourful and flamboyant yet elegantly stylish dress sense has spread beyond the borders of Bacongo to other local and international areas that include Kinshasa, London, Paris and Brussels.
[Image credit: Gentlemen of Bacongo – Daniele Tamagni]
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Angels In Africa Book An Inspirational Photographic Journey 

I read constantly and each book in its own way leaves its mark on me, but there are certain books that have a profound effect on me, one particular the harrowing ‘A Piece of Cake‘ by Cupcake Brown had me constantly reminding myself that this really happened and was not fiction; and every time I find myself thinking ‘woe is me’ I remember that book and think I shouldn’t be complaining, if Cupcake can make it through some unspeakable horrors then I am sure I can make some effort. Another thought-provoking book full of hope is ‘Angels in Africa‘, by Beth O’Donnell and Kimberly Sevick; an inspirational book documenting the lives of seven remarkable women from various parts of the continent as they go about affecting positive change within their communities. Published in 2006, Angels in Africa is a photographic journey examining the power in the human spirit prevailing against all odds; highlighting the strength and character of the women profiled who are selflessly helping others in need, even when some of them were in need themselves.
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Koto Bolofo Photography La Maison Hermès’ Rich Heritage

Koto Bolofo - La Maison volumes

Koto Bolofo is one of the most prolific fashion photographers of his generation. Born in Lesotho and raised in the UK; the Koto Bolofo photography portfolio includes iconic photography for fashion and lifestyle’s elite from magazines like Vogue, GQ and Vanity Fair to editorials and advertising campaigns for the likes of Louis Vuitton and Dom Pérignon. Now residing in Vendée, France Koto has several books to his name capturing in print his often evocative photography.
[Image credit: Koto Bolofo – La Maison]
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Modern African Food Dorah Sithole Cooking From Cape To Cairo


Cooking from Cape to Cairo - Dorah Sithole

Whether it’s a steaming plate of sadza ne nyama, a beautifully fragranced lamb tagine, spicy jollof rice or a Sunday roast; our favourite foods done just the way we like it provide a source of comfort, reminding us of Mum’s good home cooking and with Mother’s Day in the UK a week away, on Sunday 3rd April what a good day as any to get together, cook up a feast and honour our Mothers as we make them feel extra, extra special. As the flurry of gift buying gets under way if your Mum is a foodie and loves cooking why not get her a copy of ‘Cooking from Cape to Cairo’ – a culinary tour of modern African food from 17 African destinations, by former TrueLove Magazine food editor and food writer Dorah Sithole in conjunction with Truelove Magazine.
[Image source: Tafelberg]
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