Jeanne Habashi Le Caire Egyptian Beauty Skin Care

Ancient Egyptians were among the early pioneers of cosmetology as they continually sought ways to enhance beauty, and preserve youthful appearances in a society where physical appearance was of paramount importance and whose women were fame for their beauty. Plants and natural ingredients were used to create Egyptian beauty skin care products that included moisturisers and anti-wrinkle creams, and over four thousand years later have inspired a premium luxury skin care line; Jeanne Habashi – Le Caire.
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Basa Body Kenyan Coconut Oil Inspired Skin Care Beauty

I think its fair to say that most of the beauty and skin care products I have featured lean in favour of using Shea butter as a main ingredient, with others like coconut oil coming in as secondary, well not so in the case of Basa Body whose natural Kenyan Coconut Oil inspired skin care product range is made from Virgin coconut oil that is produced by hand in Mombasa, Kenya. Easily absorbed into the skin Coconut Oil is known for its healing properties and contains natural antioxidants that are anti-fungal and antibacterial, and is said to be good for smoothing the skin and for slowing the ageing process product. Vitamin E, Rosemary and Olive oil are some of the other ingredients that go into in the products; the full list can be seen on the website under each product. The Kenyan coconut oil inspired skin care range encompasses: Scented and unscented Body Lotions, a Coconut Oil Body Stick, Lip Butters and a Facial Serum.
[Image credits: top, Gift Box; bottom, Lotion, Lip Butter and Body Stick – Basa Body]
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Miöja Natural And Holistic South African Skin Care

I fell for South African skin care Miöja’s packaging as soon as I saw it; the colours, so intense and gorgeously vibrant makes you take notice. However, the colours as I later found out not only serve to create standout packaging but have a deeper significance in distinguishing and highlighting the specific benefits of each range. Based in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa Miöja was started by Tasha Saha, a practicing Holistic Healer and as a chronic sufferer from eczema sought to create her own natural and holistic skincare range using the plants from her garden, simple ingredients that are not just known for their healing and restorative benefits on the outwards but inside the body too.

[Image credits: Skincare range – Miöja]

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L’Occitane African Shea Butter Marks International Women’s Day

First observed in the early 1900s, Women’s Day has grown into a day of appreciation; inspiring women, celebrating their achievements and acknowledging the challenges still to be overcome. The Day sees a diverse range of events being held across the globe and in some countries today has become a tradition taken as a holiday, which sees men taking the time to honour their Mother’s, wives, girlfriends and colleagues with symbolic gifts. In celebration of the Day, French skin care care company L’Occitaine has created a special limited edition African Shea butter bar of soap produced in Burkina Faso in partnership with a local factory that has been run by women since 2010.
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Savane Luxury Protective African Skin Care Range 

The African continent is said to contain a quarter of the world’s biodiversity; with the Southern African region home to more than 30 000 indigenous plant species many of which have been traditionally used over the centuries for their holistic benefits. Utilising the power of these indigenous plants is Savane, a luxury range of protective African skin care solutions that blend traditional botanical treatments with modern techniques in green science. Launched in South Africa 2011 by Jennifer Peters, an anthropologist who specialises in developing health products for rural communities and Stephane Helary, an ecologist; Savane products were created to revitalise, regenerate and restructure skin, working to restore its natural balance and combat premature aging.
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Africology Urban Spa African Beauty And Skin Care

Can you believe, the New Year is not so new anymore and today is already the 1st of Feb!
Keeping busy has made the time fly by, however the combined effects of a sudden cold snap and central heating on a full blast is causing me to feel extremely sluggish making it time for rejuvenation; and what better than to head to the spa for a few hours of self indulgent me time. London has no shortage of spa spots to choose from, but I’m looking to African beauty and skin care inspiration. In early September 2011 Africology, brought their brand of natural holistic treatments to the UK, with the opening of a luxury spa in partnership with Bloww, a leading hair salon located in London’s West End. Whilst working in the area I had passed the ultra modern Salon several times when seeking less congested pavements and at the time didn’t know it was hiding an oasis of calm within its depths.
[Image credits: Africology Spa at Bloww]
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Coccolily London Pink Nail Polish Collection

Whilst going through and updating the site I revisited a few brands that I hadn’t check-in on in a while. One of those was Canadian based fashion label, Coccolily, click to read the profile. It seems that for most fashion brands after accessories the next diversifying favourite is creating a signature perfume, but in the case of Coccolily a range of girly nail polishes have been the product of choice.
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Thea Skin Care Enhancing Beauty The Natural Way

Named after the Greek goddess of natural beauty, Thea Skincare is a luxurious range of African inspired skin care products designed to feed your skin with the best pure, nutrient rich and active natural ingredients Mother Nature has to offer. Thea Skincare was founded by Althea, who coming from a background in the cosmetics industry developed a range of ethno-botanical skincare products that work to soothe, nourish and hydrate skin naturally and were inspired by a visit to Malawi and the natural, effortless beauty of Malawian women of all ages, in particular the texture and tone of their skin. During her time in the country Althea spent some time living in one of the local villages and it was here that she became attuned to the soothing and healing powers of nature and the elements and took the time to learn about and experiment with blending balms, creams and oils using the naturally sourced ingredients growing in abundance.
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pureDKNY Uganda Vanilla Creates A Perfume With A Purpose

Whiling away time in House of Fraser, a leading UK department store that got their byline ‘temptation on every level’ bang on, I found myself wandering the perfume aisles and came across, pureDKNY, a perfume with a purpose that was launched by the quintessential New York fashion label last year. Designed to make a difference the first pureDKNY fragrance entitled ‘A Drop of Vanilla’ comprises as the name suggests a drop of vanilla in water as the main ingredients. The vanilla used comes from Uganda, sourced with the aim of working towards sustainable long-term vanilla production in partnership with local vanilla producers, most of whom are women.
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L’Occitane Packaging Inspired By West African Print Textiles

Escaping the crowds on Regent Street I ducked into L’Occitane in search of a few moments of respite. When it’s comes to tourist attractions London’s Regent Street is notoriously congested. I have been spending quite bit of the time in the area due to a current assignment and most lunchtimes have literally found myself doing battle as I try to make my way along… frustration is not the word, but in an attempt to avoid the crowds have found myself wandering off the beaten track, discovering some quiet oases in the process. One day however I wasn’t quite as lucky and got swept along, getting more and more agitated and in a desperate attempt to snatch a few moments of respite from the confusion ducked into L’Occitane; and oh…my…goodness… I’ve found a new best friend! Familiar with the brand having tried a few of their products, I’ve never really spent much time in their stores, well… that could change.